About Us

Our MISSION: To rehabilitate the mind through functional fitness, creativity and adventure.

RV-ONE is built on military foundations with the intention to help everyone. We promote a diverse and inclusive environment with the hope that everyone will feel comfortable whilst in our classes.

We conduct group fitness classes for mixed abilities focusing on team work, leadership and communication whilst understanding that every team member has a strength and weakness.

We are extremely fortunate to be located in the Exmouth community where we have access to some of Devon’s amazing countryside, coastlines and facilities. We are lucky to receive support from local organisations and we are always looking to expand our network. 

RV-ONE is the only pill I will ever need. When I feel like my light has been switched off I know that there’s always someone there within the RV, waiting to switch it back on again and usually with some form of banter. We are a group of people who are here to help each other overcome any mental health injuties and we use functional fitness, creativity and adventure to do this. We work as a team, we share pleasure and pain, joy and tears, good times and bad times but we never leave a man on his own. We operate below the surface but if you know about us then chances are, you probably need us. We are all equal and we are all respectful of each others beliefs, pasts, presents and futures. We all have our own individual missions and we rely on each other to achieve those missions. We are STOIC in our beliefs, we acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them but we also accept praise. We are never above you, never below you, we are always side by side. My name is Tom and it is my mission to make sure that no man is alone in the fight against mental health. With my team, I will achieve my mission.



RV One are proud supporters of The Breath Connection

The Breath Connection was set up in recognition & support of people whose lives are – or have been – impacted by significant stress and/or trauma.

We advocate conscious breathing, cold water therapy, good nutrition and the power of ‘the now’, and teach these elements in our breathwork courses, live workshops and ‘reset retreats’ because of their combined effect on rebalancing the nervous system.

We recognise that stress can be debilitating but together we aim to help you to:

About Us